Monday, May 16, 2011

Due Date Confusion!

Hello Everyone! So here I am again with the latest development on our "Christmas Cookie." Some people have asked us, "So, when are you due," (actually a lot of people have asked) the first answer is based off of the LMP which would indicate Dec 10, 2011. However when we went in for the Ultrasound we were told that we were only at 6 weeks 5 days, which changed the due date to Dec 17, 2011. I know what this is all just an estimate of where we are at, but it's confusing when trying to figure out when to have things ready to go, I think John and I have decided that by Thanksgiving everything will be ready and in place, so that when GO time happens, we won't be caught off guard!

My next appointment is scheduled for May 19th, with my OB doctor. His name is Dr. Keith Johansen, he works for Mayo, he went to Medical School at University of Minnesota, his residency was in the OBGYN Mayo Medical Graduate School, and he is currently the Assistant Professor of OBGYN at Mayo, so I feel covered!

He has to be an "old school" doctor, in the sense that his bedside manner and professional skills, really make the patient feel like they are the only patient he has. Seeing as I have lots of "special" issues, he takes the time with each patient to make sure everything asked (no matter how stupid) is answered! I would call him a farmers doctor, just really down to earth!

The next major test will be the First Trimester Screening for Downs Syndrome. It's a simple test, just a blood draw and ultrasound to check and see what the neck looks like. It's not a definitive test, but it shows if there is an indicator of a higher risk. Since both, John, and I are adopted neither of us know what is in our family genes and while we've agreed that if something were wrong we wouldn't end the pregnancy, we just feel that this would be a great way to be prepared if something showed up. Plus it's an extra ultrasound, so that is a perk! We also will be having an amniocentesis in the second trimester. So keep fingers crossed, and prayers going  that neither will show anything wrong, and if for some reason it did, that John and I would be strong enough to handle it!

Other questions that family members are asking me specifically is how is my iron levels and the polyneuropathy or CIDP going to interfere with this. Answer is so far so good. Anemia or iron levels are holding their own at 38. Which is a good sign, so no iron infusions needed in the future, I will be tested again in 3 to 6 months to make sure.

CIDP is going to be another story. Since I take so many medications to help with the nerve pain, and the meds are relativity new, I've stopped them since the day I found out I was pregnant. So far I've been doing OK, and I've got an appointment with a neurologist in June as a precaution to make sure if I needed something, I'd have assurance that it wouldn't interfere with the baby. Right now, I'm feeling good, and just annoyed when it comes to the nerve pain, as I like to say, the bugs are back!  Only time will tell....

That is it for this weeks addition, we will let you know more next week! Oh, and the picture is of my Doctor!

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