Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movement....Is there a human in there or an Alien?

Well this last Friday marked the beginning of week 23 in this pregnancy. It was a total shock to realize that I only have 17 weeks left in this! 

Not a whole lot has happened in the past few weeks, it's been a slow passing couple of weeks, but now as I see more people who haven't seen me for awhile, they are saying that the tummy is beginning to show, and I'd have to agree to a certain degree! (I will start posting belly shots at week 25) 
The exciting thing that has happened is that I've actually watched my belly move on it's own, and contort into weird positions and have had one hit way on the left to be followed by another hit in the bottom right corner and makes me wonder what is going on in there, and if it's human or alien. Also if I drink juice the baby moves a lot more than if I just drink water...funny how the doctor was right about that. But each time the baby does move it just endears itself to me even more.

This week will be week 4 of our baby classes, and we will be talking about pain management during delivery, I've already decided two things...1. I'm using the hydro-tub and 2. I will get an epidural when I'm 4 centimeters. Now most people don't like the idea of intervening, but I'm not trying to win a trophy here, I'm just trying to survive labor! We toured the delivery rooms at the hospital 2 weeks ago, and they are state of the art, but what more could you expect from Mayo, and each room has a tub in it, except that rooms 4 and 11 have one in the actual room, not the bathroom, so we are hoping with the birth that I will get room 4 or 11 since it also has a Hoyer lift to get from the hospital bed directly into the tub, and that would be easier on my legs and my nerves.

That was an eye opening experience to see the delivery rooms, not as scary as I thought they'd be. What is more amazing is the different positions the beds get into for delivery than anything else, push this button and the bottom half of the bed goes down and slides in to make it half a bed, and easier for the doctor to catch the baby. Another button brings up the stirrups, and another just makes the bed hover off of the ground..OK so maybe that's a lie, but not by much!  Anyway I look at it I can't help but feel like I'm in safe hands.

We've  still got a way to go, but now that phase 1 of the nursery is complete..taking current stuff out to make room empty to paint...we've bought the paint and will begin in September by painting the walls! Yea! 

Well not much more to report, things are good, I'm feeling good, I could be sleeping better, but oh well, that will come with time, and I figure its just getting me ready for those 2am feedings! But pray for sleep to come in more of a 4 hour increments then in 1 hour increments.  That way I can get a REM cycle in from time to time! 

That's it for doctor's appointment August 17th! Oh, and the flashlight experiment totally works!