Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby's First Close Up!

That's right folks! We got to see a picture today of the baby! There is only one in there, so sorry to disappoint those who were hoping for twins! But one is better than none, right?  RIGHT!!  

The interesting thing, is that the baby is measuring in at 6 weeks and 5 days! Which is a few days off what we thought we were at 7 weeks. But the due date is the same! The baby was just hanging out but was also flipping around and moved out of the shot a few times, but the most important thing we saw, was the beating heart, we didn't get to hear it, but we did see it, and yes, I did tear up! We've included some pictures of the baby for you to see!

Dr. Harms said everything looks great for what a 6 week old embryo is supposed to look like, and that a chance of miscarriage is now only about 4% so that is a sigh of relief!

Next appointment is on May 19th, and at that we might get a chance to hear the heartbeat! Yea! But until then we are still baking away! I must admit, I was hoping that the baby would be in the shape of a reindeer but oh well, you can't always have what you want!

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