Thursday, July 14, 2011

Newest Pictures! 18 Weeks and Counting!

Hello Everyone!

It has been an exciting day so far for John and myself. We were able to have the anatomy ultrasound done and everything looks great! Healthy heart, legs, brain, feet, arms, and stomach! We are still in the dark about what we are having, and we want it to remain that way! While, I might have been going back and forth on wanting to know, John has held me accountable to not finding out! 

The pregnancy has been progressing as it should, about the only bummer thing we found out is that my placenta is on the anterior wall, which essentially means that its attached to the front of the uterus making it harder for me to feel movement or kicking in early pregnancy. I've felt "flutters" but no kicks yet, and while it might be early for those movements, it will now take until weeks 22 or 24 before I feel lots of movement. But at least we got some pictures to show off! 

We also met with Dr Johansen again today, and he says everything is going well, I've only gained 5 ounces for the pregnancy so far, so he's not concerned yet, but is hoping as we progress that it comes up a bit and has no doubt that it will. Blood pressure is really at a good low place, and he had some lab work drawn to make sure that my iron levels are still within normal range. He says that we will probably see a drop in those levels as the body works overtime producing this baby, but until the numbers are in a single digit area there isn't much cause for concern. If for some reason they are that low, then I will be able to have another infusion, and it's totally safe for the baby!

Here are some pictures of what the Christmas Cookie is doing and how it's baking! I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do! 

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  1. More more more, I want more! Let's see some pics of the mom and dad to be, shower gifts and the prep of the baby room! Keep it coming!